Spaces for all

Spaces United provides you with a variety of versatile spaces that can be customized for any type of usage.

Weddings and Receptions

We are here to help you customize our spaces to suit your vision. We can also provide you with an officiant to perform your marriage service upon request.

Special Occasions and Life Events

You can personalize our spaces for any kind of life event. Whether it be baby showers, graduations, birthdays, baptisms, or engagement parties, we cover it all.

Concerts and Recitals

Our spaces have state-of-the-art audio and visual systems, and great acoustics. Ideal for piano, violin, and choir recitals.

Long Term Rental

We highly value our long-term relationships with our tenants. If you’re looking for a permanent space to gather on a regular basis, we’re here to help.

Film Locations

We are pleased to offer our spaces for film crews to use. Our spaces are unique, well-lit and in accessible locations.

Fitness and Indoor Sports

We offer great spaces for a variety of recreational sports or regularly scheduled fitness groups. Currently, we accommodate fencing, yoga, Zumba, and tango classes.

Art Exhibitions

We have open, naturally well-lit spaces that are perfect for art exhibitions.

Business Meetings

Host your upcoming off-site business meeting at a fully wheelchair accessible location and in a convenient location. We offer large spaces for conferences or banquets, and smaller rooms for more focused team meetings.

Faith Groups

We have a variety of comfy, quiet meeting spaces that will enrich spirituality and foster inspiration during your faith group gathering. All are welcome to use our spaces for occasional or frequent use.

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